Kai Krautter

PhD Student | Podcaster

Hi! I’m a first-year PhD student in the Organizational Behavior Unit at the Harvard Business School. My research focuses on the challenges people experience in maintaining their passion for work over time, and flextraversion, which I define as the ability to adapt one's levels of extraversion towards what is optimal in any given situation.

Apart from doing research, I'm currently...

  • Hosting the German podcast Positiv Korreliert on psychological research (together with Luise Hönig)
  • Conducting workshops and courses on psychology-related topics
  • Eagerly anticipating the German American Conference 2024 (Co-Chair 2023)
  • Leading the Journal Club on Organizational Behavior (together with Jelena Gildehaus)
  • Sharing my newest ideas and experiences on LinkedIn

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Selected Research Output

Krautter, K., Büchner, A., & Jachimowicz, J. M. (2023). Extraverts Reap Greater Social Rewards from Passion Because they Express Passion More Frequently and More Diversely. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Click Here

Bredehorst, J., Krautter, K., Meuris, J., & Jachimowicz, J.M. (2023). The Challenge of Maintaining Passion for Work Over Time: A Dynamic Perspective on Passion and Emotional Exhaustion. Organization Science. Click Here

Reis, D., Krautter, K., Hart, A., & Friese, M. (2022). Heterogeneity in mental health change during the COVID‐19 pandemic in Germany: The role of social factors. Stress and Health. Click Here

Krautter, K., Friese, M., Hart, A., & Reis, D. (2022). No Party No Joy? – Changes in Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Subjective Well-Being During Two COVID-19 Lockdowns. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being. Click Here

Research Output

Stop Assuming Introverts Aren’t Passionate About Work. (December 2023). Harvard Business Review. Click Here

Don’t Let Passion Lead to Burnout on Your Team. (May 2023). Harvard Business Review. Click Here

‘Follow your passion’ is a recipe for being exploited at work. (May 2023). LA Times. Click Here



Positiv Korreliert

Together with Luise Hönig, I publish a biweekly German podcast about statistics and psychological research. In each episode, we discuss one psychological research paper including its theory, methods, results, and practical implications.

October 2021 - Present


German American Conference

The German American Conference at Harvard Kennedy School is the largest student-led conference in North America. I had the privilege of organizing the conference as Head of Communications in 2022 and as Co-Chair in 2023.

March 2022 - Present


Journal Club on Organizational Behavior

Together with Jelena Gildehaus, I am organizing the biweekly Journal Club on Organizational Behavior where early-career researchers meet to discuss a new paper in organizational behavior on a regular basis.

March 2023 - Present


Harvard Business School

PhD Student (Organizational Behavior)
August 2023 - Present

Harvard University

Master's in Passing (Psychology)
August 2023 - Present

Harvard University

Visiting Research Fellow
September 2021 - May 2022

Saarland University

Psychology (B. Sc.)
October 2018 - July 2021